Being Open-Minded To What May Not Seem “Normal”

Football-themed picture & message appropriate for the occasion!


I was thinking about what many of us struggle with & how we have such a hard time getting “better” despite the fact that we’re motivated & searching relentlessly for answers. The truth is: when you find yourself on a plateau, or a decline, results you’re seeking are tied directly to your willingness to try new things.


This pic is of former star NFL RB, Eddie George (teammate of Alliance Member Keith Bulluck), who made it to the Super Bowl in ‘99. Let’s be honest, you don’t often go to a yoga studio & see dudes this size in a pose on a mat.


Last week when I attended that networking event w/ former NFL’er Tony Richardson, he spoke abt how one of the great TE’s of our era, Jay Novacek (a teammate on the Cowboys), convinced him to get into Tae Kwon Doe, to increase his flexibility/lateral quickness. 17 yrs & a great career later, guess Jay was right.


Then I compare it to my own situation – upset 50 meds, TMS & ECT hadn’t worked for 2.5 years, I took a leap of faith & went to a 3-day Art of Living breathing class that changed my life. In the class were eight others. I was the only male, only Caucasian, only one under 40, only one originally born in the US, & only one who’d never heard the term “Kriya.” I realize now, I was the dummy before – I kept on trying the same old & wasn’t open to how else I could heal.


Being fortunate enough now to be invited to learn various healing/life-betterment practices, here’s what I’ve noticed: the ones that involve exercises of brian/body connection seem to work best. Makes sense right – our body is a machine. Parts are connected. Movements release chemicals & rewire passageways that are healthy.


With that said – I’ll leave you with this: if you haven’t tried it already, google “Kirtan Kriya.” May look “Crazy” on video – some singing, some hand movements, some whispering. But don’t be the dummy I was. It’s 11 min a day. I’ve been doing it for a week & the results are simply awesome. Science backs up these practices! Enjoy the big game, all! Guarantee the MVP ends up someone who’s done things others won’t try.

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