Are We Really All That Different?

Are we really all that different? Perhaps the most humbling & enlightening part of sharing the daily #SameHereHero stories is the realization that while everyone has a background unique to them, one of the biggest threads that ties us together is the commonality in how we all experience the “human condition.” Everyone goes through obstacles…yes at different levels & at different times, but we all can relate & empathize with some form of common experience.


Loss of a loved one, to being a target of racism; living through an abusive relationship, to migrating to another country; surviving a natural disaster, to an unexpected job loss; physical diseases, to genetic mutations…we ALL deal with something over the course of our lives. We’ll continue to share Hero stories so that this concept becomes apparent to all. Instead of bucketing people into categories that build walls between us, let’s continue to share our experiences so that we can be there for one another, provide comfort & make sure no one feels alone.

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