Nonprofit Collaborations In The Mental Health Space

Collaborations & partnerships! We can accomplish way more together than we can apart.
Working in this space has been so rewarding the past yr & a half…& while not every organization shares the same philosophy above, some of the greatest strides I’ve seen made, have been when we’ve partnered on programs & activations w other groups & advocates. I don’t understand not working together when we’re all charging for the same goals – to positively change & even save lives.
A couple examples of past & upcoming collaborations to share:
In this picture: we are working w one of the largest reusable bag manufacturers in the world in creating a bag that lists many orgs coming together to attack the MH epidemic: through “Environ-Mentally” friendly bags.
2nd, for one of the upcoming #SameHere Sit-Downs, we are coming together w Hilinskis Hope Foundation to talk w SC Gamecocks student athletes. Tyler’s brother, Ryan, plays QB for SC, & so Tyler’s mom, Kym (who is great) & I came together to create a #SameHere logo where Tyler’s #3 is in place of one of the “E’s.” There is strength in showing a UNIT3D front!
3rd & 4th, Hayden Hurst from the Baltimore Ravens sharing his support & participation for a K-12 #SameHere Schools Curriculum we’re building.  His Hayden Hurst Family Foundation, he & his mom, Cathy (also great), are also helping to spearhead the SC Sit-Down visit, as Hayden played college football there.
These are just some of the upcoming collaborations. We mentioned meeting recently w advocates Margaret & Kevin Hines & talking about upcoming work together. Australian Advocate, Joe Williams, is coming to NY in August & we’ll be coordinating an event together arnd his book: The Enemy Within.
Many others not listed here, but hopefully the direction is clear: we’re stronger together – as an alliance of advocates & orgs all joining hands & showing united fronts & messaging. In this space, there’s no room for “competitors”…we all must work together to create lasting global change!

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