Morgan Urso’s Mental Health Story In ESPN

About 4 months ago, we received a very generous donation for a very odd amount, via our website: $1,209.87. I checked the name & number & called to express my sincere thanks & ask why that specific amount.

Morgan Urso, a teenager, had been ostracized by her Illinois youth hockey team & league, bc of her openness about her mental health struggles. She was told to come back when she was “her bright-eyed & smiley self.” The Urso’s had found our website to make the donation, bc of the #SameHere that @robinlehner40 wore on his goalie mask (at the time, a member of the @nhlblackhawks). The amount: how much the family had been refunded by the league for Morgan NOT to play.

The facts were so egregious, after OK-ing it w the Urso family @kellymurso & her husband & of course @morgan.urso), I called @emilymkaplan from @espn, & she did this shocking story of youth sports treatment, tremendous justice. These types of misinformed, harmful treatments are going on not just in youth sports. They’re going on in offices, in schools, in neighborhoods worldwide. When you get a chance today, please spend 5 minutes on this story. The facts will shock you & open you up to just how much change is still needed.

Big props to former @ny_islanders  @rob_schremp – who immediately came to Morgan’s side, after experiencing his own mistreatment related to MH from an overseas PRO hockey team. He & Morgan became fast friends. Also big thanks to folks like @darrenrovell & @theofleury14 for re-sharing this story. Morgan’s mom, Kelly, & Emily have said the reactions have been incredibly supportive! This is what happens when advocates work together.

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