Misleading Mental Health Messages

Had to share this infographic just bc it’s such an egregious example of the crap we are fed.


Look at this slides (I’ll have to just describe the bottom bc of its length we can’t get the whole image to fit in a legible way):


1) Says Mental HEALTH in big letters at the top, but the next three references as to what MH is, start with mental ILLNESS & DISORDER (no gray areas in MH – you’re either “sick” or “healthy”)


(Not pictures but on the bottom of the slide, it leads to):


2) Surprise, look at the 119 drugs in development to cure and fix these disorders & illnesses – how simple & great!)


3) Oh, the graphic is provided by NIMH (a wing of the National Institute of Health, a US government agency, all genuine & for our benefit. Except that…PhRMA is the organizational partner producing the info.


This is the crap we are fed. This is why we stay sick. This is a coordinated effort. Let’s stay woke.

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