How Healing From Mental Health Complications Is Similar To Weight Loss

We’ve talked a lot about how trauma builds in our system over time…especially if we are not doing anything to release as rewire those traumas. But what about when we start to do the things necessary to heal? How long does the process take? Are there any quick fixes?


Those of us who grew up and took antibiotics as a child when we were sick (strep throat, bronchitis, etc.), got used to seeing that sickness disappear sometimes as soon as 24hrs after starting our meds. If that’s what we are “taught” and the model we saw, why wouldn’t we think that there’s a quick fix solution when we go through some mental health hurdles?


Unfortunately with mental health (I know all too well after 50 psychotropic drug combos, and multiple TMS and ECT treatments), finding that magic pill or remedy is a fruitless endeavor.


Talking this over the other day with a friend, when it comes to MH improvements, consider what you SEE when you, a friend or family member goes on a diet and has success. We don’t feel right to start…we know we’re not in optimal health, we begin a healthier routine/program, and often times big gains happen early on. For me, with mental health/PTSD, it was 2.5 years of cognitive dysfunction (amongst the other symptoms), and after a month and a half of engaging in daily practices I knew had been shown scientifically could actually heal me (as opposed to mask my symptoms), I got back to working and in a functional mode in just a month and a half.


Awesome results, couldn’t be more grateful. That said, like the initial weight loss we see, each new “pound” of improvement becomes harder and harder to lose. Is it frustrating that regaining high highs, and pure joy for things is taking time? Absolutely. But…like weight loss knowing that I’m sticking to a plan that will help me to get closer and closer to my “goal” is really all I can ask for.

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