More Clever Mental Health Campaigns That Speak To The Masses

My friend was nice enough to send me this campaign he saw on the video board at LAX today. Now THIS is a phenomenal campaign. The full 3-slide progression is on the following slides.


No disrespect to programs like “Bell Let’s Talk,” or “Hockey Talks,” but a campaign needs context & substance.  To the aforementioned campaigns, what are we asking ppl to talk about, when we don’t provide any context as to how they are a part of the conversation?  Then…once we get them to talk, where is the direction as to what the talk is hoping to accomplish?


I love this campaign here bc it acknowledges 1) we’re all in this together, 2) everyone is going through something, 3) a specific topic that’s been taboo in the past, suicide, is what we need to open up about to make it acceptable for ppl to ask for help.


This is why we created #SameHere🤙 under the umbrella of @weareallalittlecrazy. We need to know we are all in it together & MH is for all of us…& we need ppl acknowledging that “they too” get it, are a part of it, & there’s no shame in it.  From there we can ask people to talk. We can get people to support great messages like #iRel8 & #ShareItDontWearIt!


Love watching these shifts – from Burger King & Mental Health America & now in LAX, one of the busiest airports in the world. This is progress.

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