The First In-House Mental Health Professional In Sports

This NOT a sports story. This is a big-time human interest story.


The Carolina Panthers of the NFL yesterday announced the hiring of the first IN-HOUSE mental health professional in pro sports. A number of teams have come out since & have said that they’ve had one as well, but haven’t publicized it. That said, Darren Rovell & Daniel Carcillo shared this story on twitter today, to a great reaction from fans & non-fans alike.


The ironic thing is, this shouldn’t be a story, but it is one….bc it’s not the norm…but it SHOULD be. This professional is available to all staff, front office employees included – not just players.


Giving employees a chance to talk about what is going on in their lives outside of the office, w/o fear of repercussions (protected by HIPAA laws), is needed – not just in sports offices, but in all offices.


This would result in healthier, happier, less stressed employees – ones that actually would perform better at their jobs, miss fewer days, & increase bottom lines. Where’s the downside? The upfront cost of an extra employee? The acknowledgment that your employees aren’t perfect human beings? Seems like a “no-brainer.” I wish this resource was around in my office when shit hit the fan for me. Let’s hope more teams/offices follow their lead.

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