How Mental Health Is Not A Big Part Of The Political Landscape

Andrew Yang is one of 23 candidate who have declared they are running for President in 2020. He’s a political outsider, with an entrepreneur’s background. This gives him an opportunity to look at things differently…make some changes that others who have been on “The Hill” haven’t focused on.


With that as a background, he recently shared a tweet, off the heels of a “Business Insider” article, declaring “I will be the Mental Health President.” Only, there are major shortcomings in his words:


Mental HEALTH is a problem EVERYONE who walks this earth faces. “Depression w millennials” (disorder label/specific group – while very important) is only part of a much larger epidemic of neglecting unresolved trauma, & not being proactive about how stress & trauma silently build in ALL of our systems.


Whoever is President in 2020 – incumbent or newbie: when it comes to Mental HEALTH there is an education system to fix, a big pharma system to fix, an insurance system to fix, a provider system to fix, a political system to fix (a system that ignores the topic or only touches the surface). We need a govt (local, state, & federal) that makes real changes that impact everyone, and not one filled w ppl who talk to get elected.


This is one of the few candidates who is even TOUCHING MH in his campaign, & even in his attempt, he’s far off from the major issues we must tackle. How is curbing a 30 year high in suicides not a talking point on every candidate’s agenda?


In better news, great event with the Fire Chiefs in British Columbia yesterday (pics to follow). I love to work w these ppl – they understand how stress & trauma (ON & OFF the job, affect them). They’re the ones who use #ShareItDontWearIt after we’ve established we all have a #SameHere🤙Story. Great ppl who have become great friends.















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