Mental Health And U.S. Politicians

I’ve been hard on our politicians bc they don’t seem to want to address an issue that is an epidemic –  the connection of MH/Suicides/Substance Use & Abuse.


Many theories as to why – not the least of which is – it’s easier to talk about simpler more divisive topics to gain votes from your “side.”


Two politicians I want to highlight here for their great work: 1) Rep. Susan Wild & 2) Tim Ryan (Presidential Candidate)


I don’t take political sides. My #1 goal since I got into MH advocacy work, is to back the folks who will help curb this epidemic – whether Red, Blue, Green or any color.


I’ll put the link in stories, but big props to Representative Wild for sharing an impassioned speech in front of her fellow law makers, about the loss of her partner to suicide; a very recent & difficult loss. Two things to highlight about this: 1) Incredibly brave of her to share so openly…she’s a hero for doing so. 2) Why does it take the loss of loved ones of ppl who work IN that system, for law makers to act? We are at the highest rate of losses to suicide/addiction in our nation’s history. Shouldn’t that be enough?


I love Wild’s message & passion, but at the same time am unimpressed w the lack of action of her colleagues in face of the numbers.


Which brings us to Tim Ryan.  Not surprisingly, the moderators at the debate last night brought up a question about who would support changes to gun laws.  Amidst 9 candidates talking about gun laws EXCLUSIVELY, Ryan was ONLY candidate on stage to talk about the need for comprehensive mental health reform, & helping students in K-12 w underlying trauma.

























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