A Concert Raising Awareness For Mental Health

A Concert Raising Awareness For Mental Health!
Wouldn’t it be amazing if all artistic endeavors were tied to causes…ones that the artists themselves and their fans are passionate about? The arts move us. Artistic work is typically always motivated by life experiences that affect our emotions. Doesn’t it then make sense to tie artistic celebrations to causes?
Enter House Studios, a multimedia agency who believes that the beauty and power of the arts is a vehicle to not only entertain, but to change the world.
In partnership with House, the incredibly talented Luke James Shaffer will be headlining a concert in DC on the 13th of August and a portion of proceeds will go to We’re All A Little “Crazy’s” #SameHere🤙 Global Movement.
During the show, you’ll hear Mental Health messaging from the host and the artists. They are not doing this merely to drive more people to the concert. They are incorporating this message because Luke and House and the other artists performing are passionate about the topic of mental health, and this cause. If you live in and around the area, you can pick up tickets at ticketfly.com
This is the first of many collaborations you’ll see with WAALC, Luke, House and other House artists, as we show the power the arts can have to change the world. Combine those arts with the platforms of athletes and other entertainers and the possibilities for change are endless.

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