Many Different Perspectives, Not Enough Sharing

Unfortunately, IG for some reason took down our original caption. So here goes w a condensed version:

Is this pic not the essence of what’s happening right now: politically, socially, culturally? We each have different vantage points, different ways we grew up, different perspectives, different influences on us. That means more than ever, in the age of social media, we need to actually talk & hear each other out.

Shouting: campaign slogans, memes and posting edited media clips do not bring us together – they further the divide & the misunderstanding.

Excited to dive deeper into these important topics with @dphhr from Transition Sports & Entertainment, & The Outside Game, tonight, along w our special guests Sabriya Dobbins from @projectpassportllc & Mario Mays from Beyond The Bench. See the slide in “stories” to access the Facebook Live at 7pm EST.

Each session we will have more questions, different questions, & will chip away at better understanding the different vantage points, so we can better come together for change.

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