Managing Our “Crashes” After We Expend Energy

Happy 4th, all! 


I was texting with Chamique Holdsclaw earlier this wk bc I’d seen her literally ALL over the place in her pics & post.  She was first celebrating it up w the NBA/WNBA at the parade, then I saw her in diff cities delivering MH seminars to the players, taking photos & all smiles.


Knowing that life on the road well, & the adrenaline needed to get through it all, I wrote: “Mique, I know you look all smiles…but you also know when you get home for a bit you’re gonna crash some…so expect it & don’t be alarmed by it so that the anxiety from feeling off takes you down.”

Chamique knows that…& she doesn’t need dummy me telling her…but it was more of a reminder from a friend. And she completely agreed & said, she’s been meditating daily while on the road to try to keep some reserves going, & fully knows the ebbs & flows of our energy tanks.


Whether you travel a lot for work…or you’re just wired like Mique & I, figured I’d give an analogy to try to explain it all (at least how it feels to me/us/others I’ve spoken to abt the same topic).


So the analogy: when I was younger I wasn’t a big video game player. Never appealed to me – preferred going out & playing in the street or field. That said, the one type of video game I could get into was ones where you raced cars. Didn’t matter if it was MarioKart all the way to F-Zero. I’m not a car person, but the competition of wanting to beat every other car on the road, was enough to get me pumped to keep playing.


In almost  every car game, the commonality was that you had to manage 2 things other than crashes: 1) your gas, 2) your turbo boosts.


And here’s how it worked – you had to think abt filling up your tank so you could “keep going” & press your pedal. But…even as your gas was running low, the turbo boosts would ZOOM you forward for a nice jolt ahead.


For those of us wired this way, our bodies are very similar. Our energy (gas) can go below empty, & turbo boosts (adrenaline), can zoom us forward (check Mique’s last couple of pics ;)). To everyone else “on the outside” – we are high energy & the life of the party. To ourselves, we know we are playing with something fleeting, that’s eventually gonna run dry. You only have a limited # of turbo boosts in a car game!


Bottom line – if you’re wired like us, know what’s to come. Do the work like Mique did w meditation each day. Keep trying to fill your tank.  Also, know a mini crash may come after the adrenaline…& don’t let it take upset you & take you further down!

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