Losing Yourself In The Moment(s)

So…this “song” happened last night at my friend’ wedding. I bring it up bc, to go from questioning if you can make it fully through a whole weekend with enough energy, to a mosh pit, to body surfing like we were 18 again, to eventually singing an entire song with the band and some of your best friends around you, is pretty special.
Thanks to those on here who kept encouraging me to go. Ended up being one of the best nights of my life – celebrating for my friend!
My tie had to come off by that part of the night…too hot. More fun pics to follow. But I post to this to show that when you push, and are ok w not feeling perfectly ok – sometimes you can lose yourself in a moment (or even a day), and fully enjoy, where you don’t want it to ever end. Apologies to all my Yankees friends for Sweet Caroline being the song! Parlaying this energy into a week starting in Berlin, so more pics to come from there as well on social media.

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