Launching #SameHere CEO

CEOs of organizations have the opportunity to transform the social & emotional health, wellness, & productivity of every one of their employees, from the top down. We know this, but this topic has still been swept under the rug, for a whole host of reasons, by leaders in most all industries.

This is why today, along w @stephenjurgella, CEO of @fountainforward Media & Marketing Agency, we created & launched a new program: #SameHere CEO.

Through vulnerability & empathy, CEOs can transform their orgs to ensure that their cultures are ones that champion a safe mental health environment, where all employees feel comfortable asking for help without repercussions. They can even help employees understand that overcoming challenges can provide them the experience & perspective to become top performers & leaders.

With employees, we so often don’t know what’s happening “beneath the surface,” that’s taking a toll on their health, & taking a toll on a company’s productivity.

@nhl goalie, @robinlehner40 shared his challenges, openly, a few yrs ago & has been a top league performer since getting the help he needed. Imagine we had CEOs in all industries (sports & beyond) who encouraged & supported their employees to do what Robin did – seek out help, instead of hiding their challenges. When we support our employees through tough times, they come out the other side stronger. Robin’s story – push over & above obstacles, & performing not only at, but above expectations, was a big motivation to us for launching #SameHere CEO. We need people at “the top” championing vulnerability.

To find out more about becoming a #SameHere CEO, or to share this information with the CEO at your company, visit @stephenjurgella’s account link (or our Stories).

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