Our Kids Are Blank Slates We Have A Big Part In Shaping

Finally got some time w the new peanut, Bailey.


Though it’s my 3rd time around, it’s my first time w my little brother…& 9 yrs since my last niece was born. (At the time then, I was w the Suns in Phoenix & had to fly in after the birth, & so I missed the first few days of excitement at the hospital).


Having some time now to reflect, & seeing this 5lb, 14oz little doll as the blank slate she is…about to experience the world, it got me to thinking a lot.


When we’re little kids, we just see everyone as either “other kids” or those old ppl called “adults.” Then, as we get older ourselves, we realize how everyone is at different points on their journeys of life & that age is just a number. I’ve been around some 10 year olds who are more worldy than ppl in their 30’s😂.


But I think to my two older nieces now & the personalities they’ve developed…the independent individuals they’ve become…& I remember that they were once those blank slates that I held in my arms too, just like this, doing nothing but crying, pooping, & searching for something to suck on.


Life is incredible in that way. Now “older” I think more & more to how ppl get to become who they are, especially being able to see so closely, first hand, how they start off.


Genetics for sure are part of it…but this experience just reminds me more & more how much influence we as family members, friends, neighbors, even strangers, factor in to how someone’s personality develops. It’s a powerful thing to know we have that influence…but also a responsibility…one I personally am excited to take on, each day I get to spend more time with the peanuts.

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