08/18/2022 Jonah Hill Won’t Promote Coming Films So He Can Focus On His Mental Health

This one doesn’t take a long caption:

– Athletes like Naomi Osaka & recently Adrien Broner

– Musicians like Shawn Mendes…and now:

– Actors now like Jonah Hill

The common thread – putting their mental HEALTH above a particular stretch of time in their career – where they were expected do what is/was typically “customary” in their industry – but they put their foot down.

A concert tour, a media appearance, a post game interview. To be clear I’m not promoting or expecting that rules be bent only for “some people.” 

I’m advocating that if you don’t have it for a stretch of time – if your MH (which is constantly a moving target), isn’t in the best place, it’s important to put that HEALTH, first. 

What you “lose” in time off, you GAIN in future productivity & health & even longevity. Seems like the right trade-off.

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