Collaboration With Jewel And The Inspiring Children Foundation

About a month ago I shared that I met some wonderful people: Trent Alenik & his partner Ryan Wolfington w Inspiring Children Foundation and the artist, Jewel.


In life you meet ppl you just feel a common connection with that’s inexplicable. That’s how I feel about Trent, Ryan & the kids in their program. They, along with Jewel are all about wellness & living happy & healthy lives.


Excited to share that they invited me to speak on a panel at Jewel’s Festival this Saturday in Cinci. Derek Anderson & Bruce Bowen from the NBA, Tony Horton from P90x, Cobi Jones & a number of others who care deeply about empowering others around the topic of wellness will be speaking as well!


More to come on other collaboration but, for now, fun to share with Jewel: #SameHere🤙

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