Is Time Truly Ever Wasted?

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, so an appropriately themed post.
The MOST common personal question I get any time I speak (& it happened again in Vancouver) is: Are you pissed that you lost so much time – 2.5 yrs laying in a bed, not experiencing life. Ironically my good friend wrote me last night & she’s going thru a rough time & she said to me: I hate that I’m losing so much time.
The guy on the left is Julian Edelman, WR for the Pats. He tore his ACL in preseason of 2017, missed the whole season bc of it, his team made the Super Bowl & lost to the Eagles, while he was sidelined. Now he’s back.
The guy on the right is Cooper Kupp. He’s a Rams 2nd yr WR. He hurt his knee in a minor injury early this season. Missed another game w a concussion. Finally, he too tore his ACL, has missed every game since, has missed the playoffs & will miss a chance to play in the Super Bowl today.
So the question is: is time ever wasted? Yeah I’m the dummy in the middle btwn 2 great WRs, in my everyday position when I was sidelined those 2.5 yrs.
Here’s how I now look at it, & I hope it helps those of you going thru a rough time & frustrated beyond comprehension: every day spent in that bed was preparing me for a better life experience & appreciation once I started to heal. Do I sometimes ask why it had to be 2.5 yrs & every failed treatment under the sun? Couldn’t I have just tasted misery for a yr or so & still gained the same perspective? Maybe. But also maybe not. Each day taught me something new abt what others may go thru that helps me to relate & help others now. Each day made me want to get back to some sense of “normalcy” that much more.
Think Julian Edelman appreciates being healthy the whole 2018 season? That he’s chomping at the bit to get on the field to help his team win a title after he missed last yr? That wasn’t time wasted. It got him where he is today.
Think Cooper Kupp is wasting time, watching the rest of his teammates live out boyhood dreams on the big stage? Or that he’ll come back hungrier than ever. Time’s never wasted. It’s all preparing us for better…
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