Influencers Helping Spread The Right Message

On #BellLetsTalk day, it’s awesome to have a teammate like Darren Rovell who gets the bigger picture. Running a program one day a year is a start but it’s far from enough. We must acknowledge #5in5 all face mental health challenges, before everyone WILL talk about it.
Commonalities in our challenges and comfort in our shared experiences create safe spaces for conversation – not hashtag campaigns alone. Excited to meet with the folks from #ShareItDontWearIt these next two days in Vancouver to talk about more formal collaborations. If we get more and more to say – I’m a part of “the group” too, #SameHere🤙, then encouraging folks to share will be that much easier and even commonplace.
But forcing the talk before we establish a baseline that we all face challenges, is only going to open up so many…

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