Important To See How Others React When Things Don’t Go Their Way

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a post about how “familiarity breeds contempt…but it also reveals true character.” Why? We get to know ppl over time, & WHAT we get to know about them, allows us a deeper understanding of what makes them tick.

Gonna dive a littler deeper into this one, bc beyond just finding out “what makes them tick,” there’s even a more telling barometer of the type of person they are: How they react the first time things don’t go their way, in situations that involves both of you.

How often have you met someone – as a friend or even as part of a budding new relationship, where everything felt like it was just “right”? You had the same hobbies, interests, priorities, even sense of humor. It was like you could finish each other’s sentences.

Then, something happened – ONE thing, & you saw a different side of them you never knew existed. This happens in business, it happens in personal life…& it unfortunately can happen often, if you’re an outgoing person who interacts w a lot of people. The more relationships you have, the greater the chances you come across these difficult personalities.

The most telling sign related to someone’s character is: when something doesn’t go their way, how do they react? Are they understanding? Do they know what compromise is like…& meeting in the middle? Or are they stuck in their ways. Do they point fingers at others & never take responsibility. Do they always talk abt how everyone else is wrong…& even how you are flat out wrong for not having their back related to any/all opinions they may have & actions they may take?

Note, this is different than someone who is passionate, driven & stubborn, but is WILLING to TALK things out, & find resolution & even middle ground, when you hit a “rubber meets the road” situation.
Stubbornness, passion, desire – all things you can work WITH in a relationship. Black/White thinking, “in or out” mandates – all things that likely wont ever change.

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