How We Form A Movement

Just finished the book “Originals,” How Non-Conformists Move The World, & am so inspired by this MLK Jr. example.
What words came before “I Have A Dream,” to motivate a nation to be inspired & take action?: -The previous actions that failed to effectively bring abt change, – The unacceptable conditions of the status quo despite the promise in the Emancipation Proclamation 100yrs prior. His movement was only ignited after he exposed the reality of “today.”
Well, today’s MH reality: We’re at a 30yr high in suicides. The opioid epidemic has grown out of control. There are more stories every day abt tragedies related to individuals who DID ask for help & couldn’t find it. These nightmares take place despite more influencers sharing, & more exposure abt these issues via nonprofits communicating more efficiently thru social media than ever before. Like the 100yr eg. above, why such terrible trends today, when there are more campaigns than ever?
It appears our mass messages AREN’T working. Those messages: 1) 1 in 5 ppl have mental illness, 2) Ppl of influence openly sharing diagnosis only thru media, 3) The consistent use of the term STIGMA in most campaigns.
If the above are our message points, doesn’t this also mean we’re hammering home divineness in a space we need to come together on more than ever? Does this not tell 4 in 5 ppl (80%!) that they’re “normal” & don’t have to pay attn to their MH? That “those ppl” of influence are in the 1/5 “mentally ill” group bc all we hear abt are their disorder names? That hammering the word STIGMA highlights that YOU ppl need to listen up to US, the ppl discriminated against?
We started an org w a controversial name – “Crazy” but by saying We’re ALL, & using a #SameHere🤙 campaign showing all types of ppl/backgrounds/races/ages, all making the same ASL sign, can’t we show everyone we’re ALL on a MH continuum & all in this together? My hope is by doing so, we don’t just give comfort to the 1 in 5 diagnosed, but we show everyone how we’re all susceptible to life’s challenges, we all need to practice healthy habits, & we can reverse the negative trends, together.

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