How Visions Become Reality

The “interesting” thoughts that run through one’s mind, when our brains start to malfunction, & we begin to see the world in such a diff way than we’d seen it before. Maybe it’s a blessing, or maybe it freaks ya out a little, but here goes on my personal experience:
Every “thing” we SEE in this world – the obvious ones that were inventions, like cars, computers, smart phones…but even the ones that maybe aren’t as obvious – a tall city building, a couch, a library, a desk…were all ideas in someone’s head – visions, before they became “things” that were just acceptable realities. And some of these things, took the collective vision of many, together! Pics in their brains that they put down on paper or elsewhere, & just created by collaborating.
When we’re born, things just are what they are: a crib’s a crib, a toy’s a toy, TV’s a TV.  We don’t question them bc they’re there, & we see them & use them & maybe even just assume they’ve always been that way…but of course they haven’t.
How do thoughts abt this concept arise? When I was at my lowest, I literally couldn’t put sentences together. I’d watch in amazement as my fam spoke to one another, & something as simple as one of them having thoughts & then words to put to them, & then being understood, processed, & communicated back w collaborative or opposing thoughts. When your brain malfunctions like mine did, you can be in awe of something so simple & so mundane – that you take for granted everyday human communication.
So why bring this up now?  We’re at a time in history where there is so much division – political, ideological, social, health. There was/is division in the MH world & my “broken” brain is prob what helped me see a diff way to communicate abt this specific topic to help attack it in a unique way. A vision.
Just want to encourage everyone that ideas/solutions/new ways of doing thing may be in YOUR heads…& talking & sharing & hearing the ideas of others may be what WE need to do things differently/better/more collaboratively than the same old, same old, that’s gotten us here, so divided in many areas. Pls SHARE your visions!

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