Holding Hands And Continuing On Together

Shorter one today…

I think yesterday was extremely encouraging for the overall movement of normalizing mental health in this country/world. More encouraging self-care, & motivational messages than I’ve ever seen on one day.  And yet, the job isn’t close to done.

Seen a lot of “Every Day Should Be Mental Health Day” posts, today. Those posts are on point.  But instead of rah rah messages alone, the question is, how.

If you’re in this space as an advocate, or even a cheerleader for positive movement fwd, you’re prob exhausted from yesterday. A good exhausted. I am. And yet, the work can’t stop. Couple of ideas:

First, let’s practice what we all preach & so that we don’t burn-out, spend extra time doing self-care, so you can fill your cup back a little, as you charge fwd.  Second, & it’s in this slide, hold hands w others who are as passionate as you are. What you get from collaborating (on any scale, even something as simple as tagging a friend on a post), brings enjoyment & buzz that’s hard to replicate in any other way. @kevinhinesstory & @marghines have been doing that for me, w some projects coming up we’ve been working together on. We re-energize w the excitement for projects we bounce off of each other. Who does it for you? Who can you hold hands with?

Keep up the fight, keep talking, keep posting, keep sharing even though 10/10 is over…do it in a way that continues to motivate you and brings you MORE energy. Everyone’s contribution is important.

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