Hilinski's Hope 3for3 Challenge

So excited to be challenged to participate in the Hilinski’s Hope #3for3BurpeeChallenge. We were challenged by the Baltimore Ravens Hayden Hurst, his mom Cathy, & their #HaydenHurstFamilyFoundation. I brought my nieces Kaylee (“almost 9”) & Rebecca (15) to help us participate.
We’re big believers that in this space, we are stronger together than we are working apart. The Hilinskis are doing incredible work & we are happy to team up & support their efforts.
We are challenging 3 members of the “Crazy” #SameHere Alliance, as you’ll see Kaylee mentions in the video:  1) Olivia Lubarsky from #ownyourroar from the #SameHere Student Group, 2) 3-Time Olympic Medalist, Anita Nall from the #SameHere Celeb Group, & 3) #SameHere Advocate Lee Chambers all the way in Ireland, so we can make this international! Don’t forget to donate to this great cause as well!

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