How Healing Is Like Headphone Wires

Maybe this doesn’t look familiar to the youngens, as everything is wireless now 😂! But for the rest of us, tangled headphones are pretty common. Back in the “old days,” I’d instead have used the curly cord btwn our phones & headsets on our landlines as the example!!
The inspiration for these posts come from everyday life – my own, & those of friends, & individuals who reach out looking for help getting past various challenges.
This particular post came about from a convo I had last night & continued today w a close friend. We’d discussed a pretty involved topic that’d been weighing on her for some time. After talking it out last night, she found greater clarity & actually started to see things from a diff perspective.
Whereas before she felt like all this pressure was on her, after hatching it out, she realized it didn’t all fall on her, & she was able to take care of her needs she’d been neglecting, w/o feeling like she was letting anyone else down.
Sounds like a great outcome, right? Not so fast. Waking up this morn, after a good night’s sleep in terms of hours (she texted me to tell me she was feeling awful again). The clarity was still there from the talk the previous night, but the angst had returned.
This is so similar to how we try to untangle these wires. You make a move you think has freed up some space, & you look down or feel the mess again, & you’re afraid it’s even more tangled, even tho you thought it was the right move.
Back to my friend, the “tangled angst” she woke w could have been so many things: the amount of energy expended on the topic last night draining her (despite the clarity gained), a new piece of the equation being brought into the mix as she dug out other large ones. Point is, like you’ve prob seen in the those charts, progress never happens completely linearly.
We must however keep making the moves to untangle. Eventually you have a headset w a pretty straight wire to use at the gym/on the train/jogging, etc. Mine still is a little bent weirdly even after it’s untangled…& that’s ok if yours is too. It’s what makes our wire.

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