What They Hate In You Is Missing In Them. Keep Shining!

Hearing from ppl daily, about their own “stuff” they’re going through, you begin to notice common patterns & themes that come up pretty consistently.


One of the most common ones shared w me is how ppl feel about another person in their life who “did them wrong.” It’s human nature to feel burned & mistreated when someone’s actions feel like they were carried out to purposefully mistreat & hurt you.


And here’s the line I almost always hear: “I know what goes around is supposed to come around…& yes I believe in karma…but in my case, xyz person seems to have skated by for yrs now, unscathed, & like they will never have any consequences come their way for their unfair treatment of me. I guess they’re just lucky.”


There are two main issues w this way of thinking:


1) For someone that troubled, to where they carried out negative actions ON us, instead of us wasting energy on them, we should just wish them well, hope that they heal as ppl, & move on from them. I know, more simply said than done. So…


2) I promise you – how YOU are living YOUR life…the person you are…the values you live by…the things you prioritize…what brings you joy – the combination of all it – is how the other person “wishes” they could live…wishes they could enjoy daily life, instead of being driven by the frivolous things they are.


We think of karma in the literal sense of things happening to others. But the truth is, how we are able to live w ourselves…our contentment…our peace of mind…that’s something that others w evil intentions towards us do not have, but WANT. And knowing that is all we need to know about how true karma makes its way around.


Live YOUR best self. That’s what’s most important.

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