A Deeper Dive On Harbaugh’s Words

Very psyched (no pun intended) to announce that I’ll be joining Dr. Chelsi Day – Indiana University’s Sports Psycholgist, & Darren Rovell, tonight, to discuss all the details surrounding Coach Jim Harbaugh’s comments about athlete mental health & transfer rules.


More to come on when this segment will be posted, but we thought it was important for us to get together & address a topic that’s drummed up a ton of discussion, immediately after it hit the news.


Some background – WAALC worked with Dr. Day at our first go-around with the #SameHere Sit-Down tour, bringing it to IU last October.  We will be visiting IU again this year.


I was so impressed by Dr. Day’s knowledge in this space, that I asked her to join our team as our Director of College Programs. Humbled to say that she accepted & we’re excited for what the future holds as we look to help more college students & athletes.


This particular discussion is what we hope to do more of.  Darren obviously has a tremendous social following & is becoming known for using his platform to champion mental health topics.


Dr. Day has a very unique perspective as a sports psycholgist who works directly with college athletes, some of whom have & will go pro.  I’ll be speaking from the angle of a former college athlete, who has faced his own mental health battles & can speak to what I hear from all levels of athletes as we tour with the #SameHere programs.


This promises to be a great discussion – touching on all topics from the great MH program Michigan has with Athletes Connected, to the effect that Harbaugh’s comments may have had on the overall progress related to MH openness/normalization.


More to come…& we hope to be able to do these more frequently as hot MH topics arise, so that we can keep the conversation going at the level of detail it deserves beyond twitter or IG alone.






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