12/22/17 #SameHere Hero: A Community Group From Uganda

Today’s #SameHereHero is a group hailing all the way from across the world: Kahal Kadosh She’erit Yisroel – Puti, a Jewish Community in Uganda.


First & foremost, w the holiday having just passed, we wanted to say to all in our growing community who celebrated, we hope you had a very Happy “Crazy” Chanukah. It’s so great that our global #SameHere message is reaching so widely, so fast. In only a month we’ve shared #SameHereHero stories from the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, & the US. It’s nice to be able to highlight our friends in Africa now as well. We’ll make sure to share yet another global group celebrating a very Merry “Crazy” Christmas in the coming days. We celebrate & appreciate all customs, traditions & religions from around the world into our Global Movement.


According to this group from Uganda’s spiritual leader, Higenyi Erisa, the most common challenges his tribe of 350+ face are lack of quality education, followed by little to no access to proper healthcare, to poor nutrition & accommodations. We know a lot of us are frustrated that we’ve tried practitioners & practices that have not been affective. Imagine having little to no access to doctors or treatments in general to deal with mental health complications! Part of the “Crazy” Movement’s program initiatives will involve bringing TSRR Practices to areas where they may be the only options available to those in need of help.


We thank Higenyi & his adorable group for sharing their Holiday celebrations & #SameHere pics & challenges with us, & we look forward to remaining friends, highlighting individual Hero stories from their community, & bringing programs their way. More to come 🤙!

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