Great Illustration About The Problems With Our System

A friend sent this to me 2 days ago by @alyseruriani, & I was like – wow! Not often someone creates a piece of art that’s both aesthetically pleasing & communicates many of the vital factors needing change related to a systemic problem that’s been approached the same erroneous way, for decades.

Guess I gotta be careful in saying this publicly, & assuming like the last post from yesterday abt coming together around change, this one will be suppressed by IG as well, but this drawing is too good not to share.

Yes this is an oversimplification, but: if you look at the top 3 layers that this piece claims we need to “dig deeper beyond” – it’s the medical model, pharma, DSM-5/pathology. (**Disclaimer I usually write when sharing these msgs…if you find me in a ditch in the next few days, you know who was responsible).

Why those 3 layers? It’s bc it’s the same 3 layers that, through marketing w billions of $s spent around it, separate our society into 2 VERY separate buckets: the “sick” & the “normal/healthy.” It’s simple to the masses when those 3 layers dominate all. Those 3 layers tell us: “1 in 5” ppl are “sick,” simply need “meds & talk therapy” to “heal.” We need to “stop stigmatizing” the ppl who are “sick”: simply & cleanly.

What’s this do? It creates a thick line that makes the call to action very simple. You’re either in “in the affected group” or you’re not. If you’re “in the group” you’re given the “simple” game plan towards healing (often based on how the commercials are positioned, even “cures”).

If only MH were that simple. Look at ALL the many factors below the surface of those 3 simple layers. Those are the factors that the Heroes talk abt in all their story shares. As many are listed there, these are but SOME of the expansive list that impacts our MH. It’s why it’s a topic for ALL of us. There is not a person in the world who doesn’t deal w some/many of the factors listed beneath those 3 layers.
But, it’s a simpler, easier message, if the focus is on the top 3 layers alone, and the 2 unique buckets it puts ppl into. Love that this artist used her talents this way.

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