A Go-To Routine To Put You Back On Track

I mentioned the great mtg in Manhasset, on LI, yesterday…but didn’t mention how I was feeling.


Bc Manhasset is near where I grew up, I took my dog back to my parents place so he wouldn’t be alone during the day, & slept there last night, on this incredibly comfortable 👎🏻pull-out couch. My dad managed to snap this pic this morn of me giving Oakley some love.


So why the comment about how I was feeling, & then the random pic of me hugging my pup? They go together.


Not sure if the Manhasset folks noticed it…but I certainly did…my brain just wasn’t “ON” yesterday. I’m thinking it was a combo of the recent trips in & out of town, the back-to-back presentations, & that running on fumes of adrenaline I brought up before – along w very little self-care recently.


When I’m “off,” I notice it way more acutely now. My cognitive functioning feels slower than normal (which is frustrating but I can fake my way through so others can’t tell), but the bigger issue w me is, my motivation for things wane, & it’s like feelings just disappear & go on a shelf I cant reach.


Last wk I shared how I was feeling similarly in ATL, & so cognitively, I concentrated on ONE thing, just getting one email answered, to build some confidence, & work out the slow processing speed.


Feelings/motivations are harder…but Oakley is my go-to. I know he’s a hug away & even when I can’t feel the natural “oxy feelings” kick-in from those hugs, I keep doing it over & over again, so that I remind my neural pathways of the things I know that I do like/love deep down.


The key is to not bug out, that I don’t feel them right away, even for him. The less I/we bug, the quicker it comes back. I’m still a work in progress & always will be. But learning how to manage my highs & lows has become so key.

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