Free Online Mental Health Curriculum For Schools All Over The World

Going back to November of ‘17 when we started this WAALC #SameHere initiative, for those who’ve been following since, we always believed that Schools were where we first needed to reach our kids w this message.


We started w this online/social media platform – asking athletes/celebs to share their stories of challenges, alongside us, everyday ppl to show our similarities – we’re all human. From there however, we needed to bring that program to life, face-to-face w REAL discussion.


We did that by creating 5 targeting programs for: K-12, Colleges, Offices, First Responders, Sports Organizations/Fans.


For K-12, we created “SameHere Schools” – 2 hours of culture-changing programming, followed up by tailored breakout sessions for each group within school communities, then helping to form student-led MH Clubs, & working w schools in creating “STARR” rooms where students could go to release & rewire stress & trauma from their systems, throughout the day.


Now, this piece, which we are so excited about: a partnership w to bring the #SameHere concept – FREE, to schools – anywhere in the world. Belouga is already in 88 countries. Thanks to @joyousleader, our Director & a middle school principal, herself, & her team, we will have a more robust curriculum that will be additionally available on top of these first 3 courses.


For now though, we are so excited that students arnd the world can learn about how we all face challenges – #5in5, in their classes, right from the mouths of our celeb alliance members & practitioners.


DM us if you want your child’s school, your school (if you’re an educator), etc., to get on the Belouga platform for free, to access this #SameHere program as well as many other great learning tools!

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