Finding Some Positives In The Era Of Covid

And just like that, this little nugget of a niece of mine, Bailey, turns 1 today.

Been trying to find the positives in the era of Corona.  Sadly, shared that grandparent generations are having a tough time bc – what they live for – seeing their little loved ones & pinching their cheeks & hugging them, has been take away, due to risk factors.

But, what I just shared w my sister-in-law is: if not for what’s gone on in our world, she & my brother wouldn’t have been able to be directly there for every milestone of this first year: When a baby tooth first grew in.  When she learned how to throw a ball to her dog for the first time, & hold her hand out as she (Brenna) fetched it back. So many firsts & they were there for all of them.

Also, thinking about early childhood development, & even trauma, this virus forcing parents to work from home – has allowed them to dote on their young ones…to support them when they cry or feel alone…to shower them all day, every day, with unconditional love.  That’s gotta be huge for a child’s development.

We often can’t afford to not be at the office…most often needing to leave kids at day care or a nanny…or even a family member who watches them. And while all those folks can be loving & supportive…to have your parents around you most/all the time, this early in life, has to be a blessing for all the babies & parents out there.

Sucks I can’t be with them today, but wishing my niece (& all the little ones going through firsts out there), a special happy bday & many more, filled with so much joy & celebration!

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