What Fighting Everyday Feels Like

Thought this picture was such an amazing depiction of what it can feel like to literally “battle” throughout your day, when you are dealing with some intense mental health complication(s).
When I worked for the NJ Devils, an opposing player was explaining to me what it was like to play against the Devils back in the late 90s/early 2000s, when they played what was called the “Neutral Zone Trap.” This particular player was known for his speed & ability to fly up & down the ice effortlessly. However, against that trap here’s what he said: “it’s like you’re one of those Velcro balls, & their team was made of these thick string walls of yarn, & every couple of inches you tried to skate, you were slowed down & got stuck.
Sounds eerily similar to what you can see in this picture, huh? Any move of any limb, like you’re fighting quick sand. Your head feeling like it weighs thousands of pounds, & no fluidity to any attempts at going forward.
For those who have fought through MH complications, can’t a day very much feel like this? For those who haven’t had it affect them as severely, does this help explain why it would be so difficult for someone you’re helping through it to just go about a “normal” day & “charge through.”
The upside comes when you are able to emerge from this trap…when the quicksand feels like it just melts off. You literally feel like you can glide anywhere & your body feels weightless. For many struggling now, I know that possibility seems like a far way off. While I still battle day-to-day & can’t just “shake it,” the days I do feel light, are heavenly.
I don’t need anything incredible to happen to enjoy a great day. Keep that in mind as you battle now. Good days are ahead, & many of us can relate to this picture & know full well what you are going thru.

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