Father’s Day Tribute: When Dads Have Our Backs

This has always been my favorite picture w my dad. Doesn’t matter how many games he’s attended that we’ve taken pictures at…how many celebrations…how many family gatherings, this one always sticks in my mind.

Relationships are intricate & hard. I’m sure, reading this, there are all types of relationships that many of you have w your fathers – some who are still with us, some who have left us, some of whom maybe weren’t even present since day one.

And for those who’ve had their fathers in their lives for decades, there have been fights, disagreements, head butting, etc. It’s almost inevitable if you’ve been fortunate enough to live w &/or be in the life of someone from your fam for so long.

But if you’re one of the fortunate ones who have or had their dads in their lives for an extended period, think back – or look back if you have old pictures like this, to how their heart must’ve beamed when you were born…when you made them “dad” for the first time, or yet again.

Men don’t show emotion as often (yes I’m speaking in generalities), but the relationship a dad has w his kids (& not that I’m jealous or anything, but the way they can get weak in the knees when they’re fortunate enough to have daughters ;)), it’s pretty special to see how much they glow bc of those relationships.

And again, despite how life can get in the way & cause fights & factions…deep down to know your dad has/had this indescribable love for you from day one, is pretty awesome.

I watched a video last night of a dad in his upper 70s who was in the hospital & needed to be transported to a new one after an accident. The hospital surprised him, & allowed his son, an EMT, to do the transporting. The dad cried & embraced his son like you can tell he’s felt for him his whole life. That’s special love.

Hopefully you can tap into that love today – if you’re lucky for your father to still be here, if you have great memories of a father who’s passed, or if you had a figure step up as dad in your life.

Much love to my poppies Ben & Lou who I lost way too soon & didn’t get to spend enough time w. Much love, all.

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