Our Dads Are All A Little “Crazy”

I’ll start with the sappy stuff. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there – new dads, grandpas, great-grandpas, and of course those we’ve lost too soon (it’s always too soon). Today is a day for both celebration and remembrance.  To those dads who have lost children, our hearts are with you on what must be a day of mixed emotions.  We all must cherish the memories we have had together – fathers and kids.


This pic of is me and my father back when I wasn’t as tall – though maybe putting me on his shoulders, he was trying to tell me something about my future. It’s my favorite picture from childhood bc it shows my dad’s love but also his “Craziness.” He’d always celebrate events with ribbons and decorations like what’s in the background of this pic.


With respect to my dad’s “Craziness” – if you think my posts typically go long – I wouldn’t have enough space in all the slides to list each of his idiosyncrasies. It miiiight involve things like checking the stove 10 times to make completely sure it’s been turned off…or having to tell us to “wear our seat belts, the cops are out in full force” every time each of us leaves his house.


We get much of our “craziness” from our parents – both genetically, and just by observing and being around them. But those unique “crazinesses” are what makes them, them, and us, us. Cherish them. If they didn’t exist, there’d be no color to life.


I’ll end on this – make sure to take pictures at every family event you have. My brothers and I hate taking pictures…we hate posing…we hate stopping in the moment…but I sure am happy my dad loves taking them. Without him, I wouldn’t have the albums of memories he’s saved throughout the years like the one this pic came from (side note, I also want to thank him for not giving me his hair or sense of style 🤣).


Happy Father’s Day, all!

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