Experiencing Pure Joy

The pure joy you can see in a child’s eyes ❤️!


After our meeting with the Yankees yesterday, they were gracious enough to offer us tickets to the game vs the Red Sox at night.  With enough tickets offered, I had a chance to bring my older brother & two nieces.


We had no idea where we’d be sitting till we got to the game & picked up the tix (despite the fact that my nieces were asking the whole car ride 😂).


Well imagine their surprise (& candidly even mine), when the seats were first row, right on top of the field.


To see the pure joy in the eyes of my nieces, was magical. Here, the younger one, Kaylee, made friends w the ball boy & got a ball after the game.


I bring this up bc as “adults” we often forget what it was like to have things this simple bring us PURE joy.  Great seats. Seeing something you love up-close. Getting a souvenir. Spending time w ppl you love. Getting a win.


It makes me want to work that much harder to help the next generation learn how to cope/handle/deal with all that life throws at us so they can experience the simple joys that much more consistently.


As I’ve gotten older, through experiences like this, I’ve gained a greater appreciation for the joys we are given for the little things in life, that too often get covered-up & tainted by life’s complexities & challenges.


Imagine what a world it would be if we could all FEEL things in the moment the way you can see the feeling on Kaylee’s face, tossing that ball.











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