Eric With Mark Farrell, Radio Host and Personality

FROM BEING SHOCKED TO WAKING THE WORLD, 05.25.18 interview by Mark Farrell:

Eric Kussin, founder of We’re All A Little “Crazy” discusses the inception of the Global Mental Health Alliance where Athletes, Celebrities, and Expert Practitioners share experiences and insight to educate students on mental health. This former successful professional sports executive didn’t develop this idea overnight rather it was during the course of two years when he was in the depths of post traumatic stress disorder and being pumped with over 50 combinations of psychotropic drugs, 22 sessions of TMS therapy, and 12 sessions of ECT “shock therapy“ only to find himself worse off with each passing treatment. Hear how this passionate, affable and determined man is storming major campuses including: Cornell, USC, and OhioState, and dozens more so students can hear directly from celebrities and influencers that share their personal story of adversity with mental health. Influencers will also share insight on their experiences with mental health and other struggles.


Our talk begins at the 21:18 mark: HERE

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