Introducing Purpose & Things We Love In Our Lives

Do stuff you love. Stuff you enjoy. Sounds simple, right? But it’s much harder than it sounds.


Some friends, tagged, invited me to come back to the Pru Center for the first time in 5yrs, to watch Robin Lehner w the Blackhawks. They bought seats right behind the bench, right behind Robin. He had started in goal the night before in a win against the Bruins, so while he wouldn’t be playing this night, we’d get to sit right next to him, literally, & even get up close pics of the #SameHere logos he wears on his helmets & pads.


So back to the difficulty w stuff you love & enjoy. Every time I meet w Robin, he challenges me – not in a controversial way…but an intellectual way. We met before the game for lunch, & one of the things he brought up to me, which 1) stuck w me, & 2) actually builds off a post I shared last wk, is that self-care, meds &/or tools we give ppl are not enough to crawl out of the pit, for those who’ve suffered/do suffer w serious MH complications.


We talked abt STARR practices & yoga, breathing, etc. But he kept hammering home – what are ppl living FOR? What’s their 1) purpose, & 2) fun, even if they can start healing from whatever they’re facing through various modalities?


He’s right. I’ve shared my struggles w enjoying going back to playing basketball, or just going to a game & enjoying it bc it’s a GAME, & not bc it’s a networking opp.


I think it’s important that when we talk abt MH, even if it’s forced to go through the motions, that we talk abt the purpose/fun/joy, we must find (like I was fortunate enough to find last night), as parts that are AS impt as the self-care/med practices, on our path towards recovery. What are the “things” we’re living FOR. Our path to recovery should include an answer to that question & strategies to find the “what.”

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