It’s Not ALL About Disorder Labels – It’s How We ALL Describe Feelings

Part of building a website that focuses on mental health means creating landing pages to explain diagnosis/disorders, as they are commonly understood and labeled.

As I was working w our graphics folks to build colored tiles for each of the #SameHere disorders, it occurred to me: there are MORE ppl out there who are either: 1) struggling/surviving without being at the disorder level, or 2) have what would be clinically labeled as a disorder, but haven’t sought out help, and describe their feelings of being “not at their best” as something else.


The tiles on this slide show the REALITY of the mental health continuum, taking all of the above into consideration. In the color tiles are the disorders, and in the black tiles are all of the terms “everyone else” uses to describe how they feel: numb, struggling, stressed, unhappy, foggy, exhausted, hurting, getting by, etc.

Isn’t THIS the true “quilt” that our society is made up of based on our common challenges? Disorders, yes, but words many of us put to feelings that describe our mental health at any given moment, due to the challenges we ALL face. Shouldn’t this all be about inclusion and how we are all woven in this together.

Whatever “area” you are at on the continuum, and whatever words you use to describe it, we all have been somewhere on this slide. Let’s own that. Let’s embrace each other. Let’s admit, #weareallalittlecrazy. #SameHere!

#acceptance #nolabels #onetribe

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