Demar DeRozan Setting The Advocacy Example

As Theo Fleury says all the time (although we need to continue to grow it): we have the greatest awareness surrounding MH in the history of our times, yet we are at a 30 yr high in suicides – something’s not right. Let’s talk abt the msgs out there.


Maybe at nauseam, but I cant help but continue to hammer home that the msgs abt: disorder alone through stats like “1in5”, & erratic behaviors of celebs after they’ve revealed not much more than their disorder label, actually move us further from our goal of a healthier society. They perpetuate this concept of two groups: “the sick” vs “the healthy.” And the 4in5 in “the healthy” (the majority of the population) are tuning out these msgs.


Some celebs take it further & immediately sign endorsement deals, do sponsored infomercials, &/or talk abt how their next album is gonna be great bc of their disorder.


So, big props to Demar DeRozan from the Spurs for getting out the day before Thanksgiving, IN-season, to talk to a group, face-to-face, about MH. Notice, his entire msg isn’t abt his depression…he’s speaking to them on their level…you don’t see a big sponsor logo as part of a Wednesday morning TV feature. This picture, simply, is beautiful & is more of what needs to be done.


In the same breath, I can’t give enough props to the Florida Panthers for their collaboration on an upcoming MH night. Gotta admit this one choked me up, seeing the final design. While I’m fortunate enough to get to talk to ppl all over, to come back to where my crash all started, & give back there, is a pinch-worthy opportunity. Their staff gets the bigger picture – to not call this a generic MH Awareness Night, & instead to name it #SameHere South Florida so we can teach the whole market, over seasons of doing this theme night, that we are all in this together, #5in5.

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