Darren Rovell Reveals His Experience With Major Anxiety

Yesterday, in “stories,” I shared that @darrenrovell revealed, for the 1st time ever, his own #SameHere experience (from a past Olympic Games) – in the hopes of helping others during this Corona scare. Here is the actual “story” that gives some context:

In the middle of 2017, I took the leap of faith to share my own story of a mental health decline, stemming from past life experiences I hadn’t addressed (sicknesses & passings of friends & loved ones), that had built inside me.

Never having had a prior personal relationship, national sports writer, Darren Rovell, reached out, asked if he could re-share my story on his twitter – – he told me he’d hug me if he was in the same room as me, & that he was happy I’m still here to tell my story.

Shortly after, he invited me to dinner & told me his own story.  He wasn’t ready to share it with the world, publicly, but he was down to support our cause – to encourage people with platforms all over the world, to open up about their own #SameHere Stories, to show this is a topic for all of us, #5in5.

I told him that day, his time will come, he’ll be ready, & when he is, he’ll be helping thousands upon thousands of people – & more as he continues to share.  Yesterday was that day. So proud of my good friend for what he shared, in the face of the Corona world we are living in, in the hopes of helping others relate, to know they’re not alone, & provide practical tips.

This was the dream from the beginning – to show the world that ALL of us have struggles at different times in our lives & that we can come together in a #SameHere Global Alliance – instead of having ppl w large platforms have their stories taken advantage of by the media, chewed up, spit out, waiting for the next “victim” as we, the public, see these stories as one-offs.

The idea was & is to have common thread, that shows – no matter one’s status, we’re hearing these stories, consistently, because we ALL go through challenges (Corona being case in point), where life can kick our ass, mentally, & that’s ok to admit, ok to ask for help, ok to work on. Thank you Darren for your candor!

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