Confronting Our Events From The Past-The Time Is Now

When we’re not facing a pandemic, the most common pleasantry we exchange millions of times a day, around the world,  goes something like this:

How are you doing?
Good! And you?
Good as well.

Because we’re faced w something ALL of us are going through right now, there’s a bit more of an openness to our responses, we’re willing to share, when we ask each other how we’re doing. You can’t really hide that this change in routine is difficult – so if you answer w your typical “good,” it just doesn’t seem right. What are you hearing instead? These are the types of responses I’m getting – & this is from the folks who actually have a more positive spin:

“It’s difficult now…but when work comes back full-time, when sports returns…when my kids go back to school & the routine goes back to ‘normal’ everything will be good.”

Will it though?

Our “norm” as a society has been to get so caught up in the “stuff” we busy ourselves w, that that’s the only way we feel “right.” When the hustle & bustle is back, we busy ourselves w our distractions. I’m not by any means saying those things mentioned above are all bad activities. What I’m saying is they are most easily used as distractions that take up our WHOLE day, that allow us to say – “we’re good,” when the truth is, we’re too busy to deal w our “stuff” that lies beneath the surface from our pasts.

The ppl who are most open w me now are telling me, essentially, what I put in this slide I wrote: Their “stuff” is surfacing right now bc the other distractions aren’t available to them. This is a SIGN! The angst many/most of us feel is more abt the “stuff” we neglect, surfacing.
Try not to excuse these feelings you have as angst only about the virus. Don’t assume your routine returning means you’ll be “good” just like that.  Look at this time as a gift to be w YOURSELF.

Look at the angst we feel as a sign. Just as we’d change our lifestyle if we had a physical health scare, heed what we are feeling now, & use it to work on ourselves, our pasts, our emotions, our baggage. That’s how we’ll get out of this feeling great…not from getting back in our routines, alone.

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