Collaborating With Warner Brothers & Their New Movie

Meaningful experience to collaborate with @wbpictures on their lead-up to the release of the film, @thewayback, with @benaffleck, on March 6th.

Our #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement began private prescreenings with members of our Athlete Alliance. First up was two nights ago in NY, with @docgooden & @prim_siripipat from ESPN and now The Athletic.  After each showing, we are discussing Ben’s character in the movie, his “comeback story” from social & emotional life challenges, & how those comebacks compare to the comebacks of the athletes on our Alliance.

The only way the walls come down on these topics is by getting in the trenches and discussing the specific life scenarios we all face that lead to symptoms we all have bits and pieces of – not, just by the all-too-common practice of discussing disorder labels, alone.

To have a chance to run a panel w Dwight & Prim and hear them be vulnerable about their own stories, to a crowd, in an intimate setting, was so rewarding. Ben’s character, brought up so much emotion that we in the room were able to relate to (and that anyone who goes to see this movie will be able to relate to as well). It literally felt like a coming together of everyone in the theatre. I appreciate that WB and Ben produced movie that touches on these topics.

We’ll be having screenings in: Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore, & DC, upcoming with other Athlete Alliance members. Here are some pics from Tuesday night.  More to come as we travel around.

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