Key Learnings From The Cavaliers Fan Sit-Down

Thanks to the Cleveland Cavaliers for an incredible start to the pro sports #SameHere🤙 Sit-Downs Tour. Some highlights:
Lance Allred telling the crowd that “the only love that’s real love is unconditional love. Any other type is manipulation or control.”
Jason Adkins shared: “we aren’t getting any help from the top down, to brand & talk about mental health collectively and consistently the way we need to, so we’re gonna do it ourselves via #SameHere🤙 connecting many organizations on a grassroots level.”
Local hip hop artists and MH advocate, Archie Green talking about how “being open is the only way we can be. It saves our lives when others ask how we are feeling and we REALLY tell them, and expect them to help us, instead of us just replying with the standard ‘I’m good.’”
Last feel good story of the night – a fan who bc of social anxiety, was a big Cavs fan but had never been to a game, came tonight to the pregame event, & felt good enough from the camaraderie to attend her first game, in-arena. Beautiful.
Dr. Jen Hartstein from our practitioner alliance was a natural at controlling the flow and making sure the event ran smoothly. Thank you!

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