#SameHere City Night Planning With The Mets

Exciting stuff in the works. We are planning a number of #SameHere games w MLB teams for the month of May.


One of those teams is the Mets. Little background – my good buddy from my time at the NBA, Lou DePaoli, runs their business ops. He’s a salt of the earth guy, who wants to make an impact on this world – not just sell tickets & sponsorships.


Following in line of some of the great work of teams like the Florida, the Mets are going all out for this game.


Instead of it being a “group sales” night, it’s a theme night for all of Citi Field. Panel discussions throughout the game, post game celebration, in game awareness, premium items to get the #SameHere message out.


To show their commitment, I wanted to share this picture from yesterday. They care so much about this night, that they had me come to speak w two different groups in their front office – this being one of them, to share my story & our vision for #SameHere, & this night. As their folks are on the phones talking to fans & corporate partners, they want to be able to “own the message” & live the rallying cry – that this is a #5in5 topic for ALL of us, everyone in every stadium.


We can get this topic to where mental health nights at stadiums & arenas are as big as nights to fight cancer. But we can’t do it by generically calling them “Mental Health Awareness Nights” or “Talk Nights” or “Stop Stigma Nights” – done only through the group sales departments.


Sports teams & leagues have such an opportunity to bring about social change. We’ve seen it in the past & we can make it happen w Mental Health.


Excited for a team like the Mets to help lead the way…& excited to continue to partner w more friends & teams throughout sports. Will keep the t-shirt design a surprise ;).

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