Cherishing What We DO Have And What We CAN Do

Yes, technology is making things easier to get thru this stretch.  But, the most upsetting situational thing for me to think abt, is the lost time that loved ones are unable to share, due to the fear of the virus spreading.

The pic on the left is of my youngest niece, Bailey. She’s the first child of my little bro. They live just towns over from where my mom, dad, & grandmother (all in their 70’s & above) are held up together, in the same house…but for fear of the spread, they can’t go SEE one another.
An invisible virus, where many of the carriers don’t have symptoms, you just can’t take chances of being arnd one another, when some of the younger, healthier fam members, have been out: to grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.

Tears me apart to think of folks who need the love/affection of fam & friends more than ever…folks who are at the times in their lives where they LIVE to see their kids & grandkids (even great grandkids) but can’t physically be w them.

This is time we don’t get back…& if we’ve learned anything from this, we’ve learned that each day is precious.

My parents’ good friend passed away yesterday from kidney failure. He was only 63. Had told them he was getting out of the hospital shortly. His daughter had just given birth to a new baby – one he hadn’t yet seen bc of Corona’s lock-down on travel.

A blessing he learned of her birth. A tragedy he never got to meet her. And so now, my parents will attend his funeral, but virtually. That’s the age we’re living in. Doesn’t seem fair.

It’s not fair we can’t be together for celebrations like bdays.  It’s not fair that we can’t pay respects to those who pass. It’s not fair that weddings are being cancelled. A lot of this is not fair.  But what can we do?

We have to cherish what we CAN right now.  Might seem strange to ask for perspective, but we have to make due w the AGE we live in.  If we lived in the early 1900s, or before, there’d be no plane travel to get quickly to one another to SEE kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews who lived afar.

These are unprecedented times. But we must cherish what we DO have…& what we CAN do. Use the tech we have.

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