Chadwick Boseman’s Genuine Generosity

The greatest people are those who have been through/are going through hell…and sit with others in their own fights, to lift their spirits & simply be there for them.
We weren’t given a ton of information about Chadwick Boseman’s long fight with cancer, until he succumbed to it.
You see the look on the faces of these children he visited, chemo patients themselves, and you see the gift he gave – clearly NOT for PR or to market movies – and you tear up bc of the beauty and sincerity of the gestures.
Having a brother who faced cancer 2x and chemo 2x, I can’t tell you how much these visits from others help lift the spirits of patients plagued with these diseases. To think Chadwick was doing this while he, himself, was struggling, is really incredible.
Chadwick showed here, with his own smiles, that helping and giving (and especially with/to children) is what it’s all about and is actually a gift to ourselves.  RIP Chadwick and thank you🙏.

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