Do Celebrity Diagnosis Stories Really Help us?

Great news for the world of MH, right? Another big name shares their story.  Brings us all closer together! Not so fast.

This is a question I’ve been waiting to ask for a while now, but to be fair, waited till it was a recent celeb that was not that controversial, that had universal appeal, that ppl might not hate on bc of a team they play for in a diff city than they live in…or bc of major past indiscretions. A guy known for the song “Born In The USA” is pretty benign.

If you consider those factors, combined w the fact that most who answered (100+ of you!), know the symptoms of MH pretty well & aren’t shocked at all by any “bizarre” behaviors related to MH that the media reports in their stories to gain eyeballs, it is AMAZING that ~50% of you STILL think these one-off stories, told thru the media actually make ppl think – “another f-up celeb.”


If this was actually working – more coming out w their stories, & doing it thru the voice of the media (w quotes from the person affected), wouldn’t the response trend here be closer to 100% of us, everyday ppl, believing these stories show- we all go thru something?


When you think abt the ~50% #, that is a LARGE #, believing this “boom” of recent reveals actually move the masses further apart on this topic. And why’s that?


The media likes to tell the fantastic angle. The running off the stage of a performance, meltdown on TV, the shaving of one’s head. While those may be actions triggered by MH complications, they tell a far end of the spectrum, & they don’t discuss the day-to-day ho-hum not so sexy symptoms.


Tracy Murray talks to crowds abt laying stuck in his bed in a dark room w the blinds down, having his dad shake him to get out of depression. Daniel Carcillo told his story HIS way thru video, that HE had final cut on, where he shared the minutia of the daily misery of his MH complications.


THIS is why we need celebs to band together. To share the down & dirty. To show everyday ppl – we all suffer the SAME way. A #SameHereAlliance shows these aren’t one-offs, only related to their celeb lifestyles. It’s 5in5 of us, bc of life challenges.

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