Keeping Busy May Be Your Worst Enemy

While I love writing, I’m guilty of being more of a “long-form” guy.  My staffs used to get on me all the time for the email novels I’d write (you know who you are so no smart comments here ).


With that as a background, I’ll rarely use the work of others in these little IG boxes, however – I MARVEL at the ability some have to be so poignant & impactful w so few words.  That’s absolutely the case here w @tutu_mora’s quote.


Not surprisingly she’s an expert in STARR practices like breath work & Qigong meditation.


Her quote here builds off of a post of ours from about a week ago – about the “what” we value over other things in life, & maybe why we value them.


The athlete who is the first on the field/in the weight room & the last off.  The lawyer who spends every hour in the office to make Partner.  The store owner who meticulously fixes every product on every aisle so their shop is just so. And guess what – all these behaviors are applauded -“ambitious.”


I’m not advocating for a departure from hard work.  I’m advocating for us to take a close look in the mirror at ourselves – & even a close look at our kids.  Are we/they doing things 110%, feeling a sense of satisfaction & accomplishment & continually doing it almost the entire day, every day, bc of the way our rewards centers light up?


I always admit my own “shit” first. I look back at my time as a sports exec. The hours I spent in the office. The time at home “after” work, where I was still on my phone answering emails. What was I avoiding? I was avoiding all the trauma from the past w my brother’s illnesses & my friends’ passings.  I didn’t realize it – bc I loved what I was doing.


Take a close look at your daily activities. Are you “taking your clothes out of your laundry bag, washing & folding them”? It’s the only way we make room & can feel our best!

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